How The Story Of A Fake Sony Nexus Went Viral (An Infographic)

Tech rumors are bread and butter of any tech journalists’ daily routine. there are so many devices and upgrades that we hear getting launched, that it is no crime or rather should not be a crime if some of those stories are false or wrongly picked from. Take a million renders of the iPhone 4 when it was launched, plenty of big sites got it wrong. However, all these rumors basically start with the power of 1, where one story gets enormous publicity and then gets blown out of the proportions until denied. recently, if you have been keeping in touch with the world of technology, a very famous incident took place where one such journalist actually proved to the world how easy is it to spread such hoax news on the web. This news article was regarding the possibility of Sony Nexus device. To the credit of Blogtechnika and our team, none of the team members got fooled and always saw something very fishy about the report. The act easily proved that most of the reporting in the tech world today is simply based on picking most popular articles of the web and not really researching for the right things themselves.

How this entire saga unfurled, is a very interesting story, and it is best viewed in the form of this infographic off Anatomyofahoax. Do check out.

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