How to Access Featured Apps For Tablets Page on Google Play

Android operating system is not only limited to mobile phones. Every Android device manufacturer are focusing on tablets devices because tablets are considered as future of computing. App developers are working hard to deliver tablet optimized apps for tablet users.

In a great move, Google has created a custom page for apps which focuses only on tablet users. This page is called “Featured Android Apps for Tablets” page. By this strategy it is clear that Google wants developers to build apps y keeping tablets in mind. Also one thing is to be noted that all the Android apps which work on mobile phones also works on tablets. But Google provides some UI elements which can be used to take advantage of bog screens.


This is well known fact that Android is behind Apple and Amazon in tablet industry. Google clearly wants to compete with these two big players by the use of advanced apps designed for tablets.

If you look into Featured Android Apps for Tablets page on Google play, you’ll find 120 apps on that page. We’ll definitely going to see increased number in future.

Check out Featured Android Apps for Tablets on Google Play.


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