How To Access Greasemonkey Scripts on Android Phones

Greasemonkey scripts is a great way to tweak with your browser and web applications. You can install and use it on your Firefox and Chrome browser. But what about mobile phones? The answer is no. You can’t install Greasemokey scripts on your mobile phone browser. But if you are Android phone user then you can use the script with the help of an application known as Tampermonkey.

TamperMonkey is a simple web browser where you can install scripts and have fun with your browsing session. But, as the application is still in beta phase so don’t expect that it will run all the scripts properly (one main reason is scripts are made to work with full desktop version and you visit many pages in mobile version so the conflict occurs). Given below is a screenshot of Tampermonkey that runs a script that opens Google in https mode always.


Tampermonkey is also available in Chrome web store which provides enhanced userscript support (Chrome browser supprts userscripts without Greasemonkey add-on but some native features are missing which is provided by Tampermonkey extension).

Download Tampermonkey for Android and Chrome browser.

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