How To Access Hidden Facebook App On Your iPad

It was widely reported across various tech channels recently that a dedicated Facebook app is hidden somewhere inside the Apple iPad. In fact this opened the channel that the coding for the highly anticipated Facebook app is already written.

However, this is slightly buggy as of now, and crashes a fair few times. But the application is a wonderful experience and a really intuitive way of browsing Facebook. From the interface it really shows what a great potential this app has and am sure apple is working on it.


So, if you want first-hand experience with this hidden application here are the steps you need to follow. Please remember that you are doing this at your own risk and we would not be responsible for anything going wrong with your devices.


1) You must have your jailbroken iPad.

2) Update your Facebook application to the latest one from the market place.

3) Next go to Cydia, and install iFile.

4) Go to iFile, click on var then mobile then applications and finally to directory.

5) Open iFile settings using the cog wheel and click on ‘application name’ to ‘on’.

6) Locate Facebook folder, and inside that open

7) Find ‘info.plist’ and tap on it.

8) Click on ‘property list viewer’.

9) Find the option ‘UIDeviceFamily’ and select it to change the value from ‘1’ to ‘2’.

10) Select done.

11) Reboot your device.

12) Go back to your Facebook application and enjoy it.

Once again, I would like to say, please do this at your own risk or wait for the official update. For those like me who cannot wait, go ahead.

[via TheNextWeb].

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