How to Add Custom Themes to Windows 7

Windows users are bound to get bored with the same old look of their desktop. Even custom themes available on the internet will not work on Windows because the system does not allow it.

There is a simple solution for this now. Just follow the steps below and you’re good to go.

1. Download UxStyle theme patcher.

But before running the setup make sure that you are running the computer as the administrator. Also make sure that you have your User Account Disabled. You can do this by opening the User Accounts Panel from settings and then clicking on “change user account control settings”. Then drag the bar down to the lowest level. This will turn off your user account control.

2. Now just click on the setup file and let it work its magic. After the setup is completed, you can download themes from the internet and they should work properly on your computer.


The above screenshot is my custom theme I made for my desktop.

3. The best way to customize your desktop would be by using Rainmeter. This is an awesome tool which helps you customize the look and feel of your desktop by allowing you to practically change anything you want on your computer. Rainmeter can be downloaded from this link:

4. Once Rainmeter is installed you can install any type of custom gadgets available on the internet or download custom themes from the Rainmeter website.

Given below is a link from where you can download customized Rainmeter themes for your computer:

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