How to Add, Edit Contacts in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with Contacts feature by which you can create as many contacts you want to keep track of people and organizations. There is a folder in Windows7 named Contact (found under each user profile separately) where you can find every stored contacts and you can access it by clicking Start button and typing contacts in the search box.


When you click on the result, you’ll find a folder in which many contacts are present (in case you synced your mobile phone with your PC using Nokia PC suite or any other sync software). If the folder doesn’t contain any contact you can easily create one. Just right click inside the folder and go to New –> Contact.


Enter the details of a person inside the boxes of the Contacts window. There are several tabs present. You can go through all the tabs one by one and enter all the necessary details. Here you can add name, nickname and email of the person. Click on the picture to change the default image assigned by Windows.


In the Home tab you can add address, phone, fax, cell number and website address of a person. Similarly in the work family and notes tab you can add relevant information easily.


After filling all the information, click on the OK button. That’s it. Your first contact is created. After creating a new contact you can always edit the information inside it by double clicking on the contact name and then change the information inside the given fields.

Contacts has lots of advantages. It come in handy if you use Windows Live mail or other applications to send mail to any person (all the email IDs inside contacts automatically get synced with Windows Live). Also you can sync all the contacts with mobile devices using third party applications.

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  1. I recently got Windows 7 and it changed the extentions on some of my contacts. I would like to cnhange them back and my computer will not accomodate me. How can I do this? Thank you.

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