How To Add My Computer to Windows 7 Taskbar

Adding My Computer to the Wndows 7 taskbar might probably increase your productivity. By default Windows 7 doesn’t provide My Computer access through taskbar. You can access it by clicking the “Start” button and then clicking on the “Computer” link given on the right side. “My computer” link is also present at the desktop by default.

Note: My computer is known as Computer in Windows 7 and Vista edition.

Here’s a nice method to add Computer to the Windows 7 taskbar.

Right click on the taskbar and go to Toolbar –> New toolbar.


Choose a folder window will appear. On left, click the Desktop and then on the right box click on the Computer icon. After selecting Computer, click on “Select Folder” button.


That’s it. You’ll see two little right faced arrow on the taskbar ad “Computer” will be written next to it. Click on the arrows and it will display all the partitions available in your hard disk along with DVD drive.


You can access any folder of your computer by using this shortcut. If you hover your mouse to any of the given drive, it will display all the folders inside it. You can click on the folder to reach it directly form the taskbar. Also you can access sub folders using this technique.


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