How To Add Recycle Bin to The Windows 7 Taskbar

Opening Recycle Bin by switching to desktop all the time may consumes your few seconds. It’s better to have it in Windows 7 taskbar so that you can open it by just clicking it and then move any file or folder to it without any hassle. Here’s the method to do that.

The idea is to create a shortcut for Recycle Bin and then pin it to the taskbar.

Right click on your desktop and select New –> Shortcut.


In the Create Shortcut box, type the following code in the location field and click on “Next” button.

explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder


Give a name Recycle Bin to the shortcut and press “Finish” button.


Shortcut for Recycly Bin has been created. If you look at it, it looks like a normal folder because of its icon. If you want to change it’s icon to original Recycle Bin icon, you may refer to this guide.

After changing the icon of Recycle Bin shortcut, right click on the shortcut icon and select Pin to Taskbar option.


Recycle Bin icon will appear on the taskbar. Click on it to open the Recycle Bin. Unfortunately it doesn’t support drag and drop functionality. It means you can’t drag any item on the taskbar icon to delete it. However, you can open drag and drop any item  directly to opened Recycle Bin folder.


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