How to add Widgets to the Lockscreen on Nexus 5

Jellybean update for Android bought a pretty cool feature which allowed you to add widgets to your lockscreen of the device. This feature obviously carried on when Android 4.4 KitKat update was released but for some reason, you cannot add widgets to the nexus 5 right out of the box. We have no idea what LG or Google was thinking when they decided to disable the feature to start off with on their flagship device. However, it is very easy to enable, just follow the steps below.


Step 1: On your Nexus 5, go to Settings app in your App Drawer.

Step 2: In Settings, find the Security option and click that.

Step 3: In Security, you will find the option of Enable Widgets and make sure you have that checked on. Now, this is a very odd place for Google to add the option to put the option in, but that is where it resides.

Once you have the option enabled, all you have to do is swipe across from the lockscreen where a plus sign will appear and you can simply pick your favorite widget and have it right there on the lockscreen so you do not have to unlock the device to just look through information.

Image: CNET

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