How to Allow Programs in Windows 7 Firewall

There are some programs that are restricted by Windows 7 firewall. uTorrent, FTP clients, Apache servers are few of them. Now if you want to allow those programs to pass through Windows 7 firewall then you can change the settings through Control panel.

You can use Windows 7 search bar to go directly to the Windows Firewall. Click on Start button and type firewall in the start menu search box. Click on the Windows Firewall which comes in the result.


In Windows Firewall window, click on the “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall” link given on the left pane.


Now you can select which program to allow in Windows Firewall. All you have to do is check the box next to program’s name. You can notice that there are two boxes in front of each program. If you check the first box then you are allowing the program on your home network. Checking second box allows program on public network.


If you are using any network related application then chances are high that those programs are blocked by Windows firewall. You can always allow them to pass through Windows Firewall.

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