How To Back Up Windows 7 & Windows Vista Registry

There are various Windows registry tweaks available to tweak your Windows 7. Before apply any change in registry it is advisable to backup your current registry files. Windows 7 provides option to export the registry file anywhere in your computer. You can use this exported file to import the registry in case if you’ll face any problem. This is a step by step guide to backup registry in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Click on Start button and type regedit in the search box. Press Enter.


Registry Editor will open. Go to File –> Export.


It will ask you for the location of registry file. The backup file will be in .reg format. Select the proper location and click “Save”.


That’s it. You’ve successfully created a backup of your registry. In case you want to restore backup, go to File –> Import and select the backup file. This is the easiest method to create backup of registry. There are various third party tools available and we’ll discuss about them in future articles.

Note: Registry is backed up during creation of  system restore point.

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