How To Backup Your Android Phone Contacts on SD Card

Gone are the days when people used telephone diaries to keep the numbers of the people they contact. Today, smart phones are the easiest way to maintain a digital diary of the numbers. And with smart phones becoming a commodity of constant change, it is very possible that we may lose our contacts when moving to our new smart phone.

However, for all the Android users, there is an easy way to make sure your contacts are absolutely safe. UiA-Backup Contacts is your best friend in case you have to migrate from one phone to another.


You can download back up contacts for absolutely free from the market place and use it to back all the contacts to your SD card. The contacts saved are in .csv form and saved in a folder on your SD card. There is also an additional option to send all these contacts in the same .csv format to your email id in case you want to keep a back up online which is even safer.

The UI is extremely simple and the ways around the application are very easy. In fact I knew the moment what has to be done the moment I opened the application for the absolutely first time.

Some of the features of Backup contacts are as written by the developer are:

• Export contacts to the SD-Card
• Look at the CSV file in a text editor
• Upload the CSV file to Dropbox
• Send the CSV file as email attachment
• Gmail or Outlook column headers
• Setup a custom CSV file

Download UiA Backup Contacts.

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