How To Backup Your Windows 7 PC

Windows 7 comes with a superb backup utility by which you can create backup of your system in few easy steps. Backup your data means creating a compressed file on a hard disk or external drive so that you can retrieve all the data whenever your computer hard disk crashes and any such any trouble occurs. Also you can create system image which might be helpful if your computer shows any system error and failed to start. Here’s how you can backup your Windows 7 PC.

1. Click on Start button and type backup in the search box and press Enter.


2. Backup and restore window will open. Click on “Set up backup”.


3. Select the location of backup. It is recommended to use external hard having lot of space disk for this purpose. You can also select hard disk partition as a backup location. After selecting the location, click “Next”.


4.To select the files to be backed up, select the option “Let me choose”. This option allows you to select libraries and folders and system image to include in backup. Click “Next”.


5. Select the library items. For example I selected documents, music, picture, video libraries and some additional locations such as AppData folder, contacts to include in the backup. Also I checked the check box next to “Include a system image of drives” to backup of drives required for Windows to run.


6. The backup is automatically scheduled to Sunday 7:00 PM every week. To change the schedule, click on “Change Schedule” link.


7. Select the schedule of backup with the help of drop down and click OK.


8. Now click on “Save settings and run backup”.


9. It will start your computer backup. It will take some time depending upon the size of data you backup. You can view the progress detail by clicking  the “View details” button.


10. It shows you the progress detail in a nice progress bar.


That’s it. After some time your backup will be finished. You can see the backup file in the backup location.

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