How To Backup Your WordPress Blog (Scheduled Online Backup)

By doing continuous hard work, research and writing on your blog for day, months and years, you create an asset which you don’t want to lose at any cost. As all the blog data stores inside the secure servers, many times bloggers face nightmares. This issue occurs because of time to time hacking attempts by hackers.

Even several top blogs of the earth such as Techcrunch and Makeuseof also didn’t save themselves from being hacked. So you have to be concerned about your blog’s security. Choosing strong passwords and changing them time to time is not the only solution. You should backup your blog so that if you face any such issue in future, you can instantly get back your whole data with the help of backup.

There are several awesome WordPress backup services available online and unfortunately many of them are not free. After digging into many backup services I found Online backup for Wordrpess plugin to be most promising. First of all it is free to use and second it is easy to setup. Also it takes backup at regular interval and save inside a secure online vault. You can always download the latest version of backup by visiting the vault.

How to install and configure the plugin

Installation of this plugin is easy. You can download it from the official site or from inside the WordPress dashboard. Click on “Add New” under plugin section and then type online backup for WordPress in the search box. Install and activate the Online Backup for WordPress plugin.

Go to activated plugins and click on “View status” link given below the plugin page. You’ll get a page as shown in the screenshot below. There are two sections: Overview and Perform a manual backup.

After downloading the plugin, create an online account which gives you 50MB of free space to store the backup file. Register your account here.


Overview section

This is the most important section as you can change the settings, change backup schedule, decrypt a backup. Click on Change settings button to change the default settings. Here you can select which table to get backed up. The core WordPress tables such as wp_comments, wp_links, wp_options, wp_postmeta, wp_posts, etc. always get backed up. Also you can choose the encryption technology (ex. AES 128) and encryption key to keep your backup data safe.

You can schedule the backup according to hours, day, weeks or month. Also you can set it to email the schedule backups to you automatically. Sending backup to online vault is optional. You can uncheck the option if you don’t want a copy of backup.


Perform a manual backup

You can anytime perform a manual backup within the wp dashboard. Check the option box next to “Download to your computer”, “Send to the online backup vault” and click on the “Start manual backup” button to start the backup process.


The backup will start and automatically get downloads on your computer. The downloaded file will be a zipped and encrypted  (WPOnlineBackup_03-09-2010-04-45-06.bak.gz.enc). You can decrypt it with the help of decrypt tool available in the overview section. .


This is a nice tool to backup your WordPress blog. Remember that if you are not using any backup service to backup your blog then you might be doing a big mistake. Use this plugin and backup your blog now to avoid horrible situations in future.

Download Online backup for Wordrpess plugin.

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  1. Nice article Himanshu, vaultpress is also a good option from the makers of wordpress for online backup

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