How to become famous in blogging world

Blogging world is full of geeks and enthusiastic persons who love to spend their maximum time in front of computer screen. It is very hard to make your own identity in such a hard competition. Because blogging doesn’t only require hard work, it also requires dedication and strict planning. There are several bloggers who made their own identity in the blogging world from their hard work and dedication.
There are two main ways to become famous in a blogging world: Positive way and negative way:


Negative way

This is the easiest way to become famous. The method known as spamming: Spam everywhere you want, do spam comments everywhere, send spam emails to everyone, always tweet more than 60 articles per minute. Make thousands of Facebook friends and click on the like button on every article, subscribe 1000 of people in Friendfeed, so that they can subscribe you. You will sure become famous within a week or fortnight. But do remember that this process will result in a serious failure. No one will rely you or your work. Your blogging career will definitely  tends towards hell. So be cautious before doing these type of notorious activities.

Positive way

Positive way is a totally slow and steady process but its effect is long lasting. Becoming famous in a Blogging world is a combination of following processes:

1) Make your own blog: It is obvious that in step of making your own identity you need your own blog. It is not a good idea to write on others blog to become famous. Also the blog should be hosted on a good hosting provider and use     WordPress platform (Blogger hosted platform create less impact on readers mind).

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2) Post regularly: If you want to create your buzz then you should provide regular and nice articles on your blog so that readers could have any reason to have a regular touch with you.

3) Attend all the bloggers meet in your city: Bloggers meet is a chicken soup for bloggers. It is very necessary to interact with fellow bloggers in real life in spite of Twitter, Facebook or Orkut.

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4) RT other bloggers tweets: RT other’s tweet is a very good process to interact with others. Try to make healthy conversation with fellow bloggers and try to solve their latest problem if they Tweet any problem, this way you can interact with them and make a healthy relationship with them.

5) Active all the time on Twitter: Twitter is a general term in each of the Blogger’s life, if you activate on a Twitter on a daily basis then it will be boon for you. People automatically become curious to know about you. Try to tweet more and more useful information of your niche. Use Twitter bar Mozilla Firefox plugin. Try to minimize your tweet in any particular time interval so that no one can treat you as a spammer.

6) Try to help other blogger in his/her bad time: This is a most important part of this article; don’t try to ignore any fellow blogger, it might be possible that your fellow blogger would be technically weaker than you, or he needs your help, try to resolve the problem immediately by giving a small tip on twitter or having small chat on messenger. Don’t ever think that chat with fellow blogger is a waste of your time.


7) Comment on other’s articles: Commenting is very necessary for back links, but comments also brigs visitors on a blog and if your bog is nice then visitors remain stick to it.
8 ) Try to write something unique: Don’t try to do whatever others do. Try to do something unique, out of box  activities like create your own content, make your own points, try to make your own marketing strategy.

9) Guest post: Guest post is very necessary for exposure of your blog and your writing skill. Try to apply for guest post on a blog which has a good amount of traffic. So that you will get maximum exposure. Also you will get quality back links from that blog.

These are the basic way of getting attraction and get famous in a blogging world, if you want to add some other points, feel free to discuss in a comment section.

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  1. Thanks Himanshu! What a nice tips you have given, I am really impressed by your writing habit, keep writing like this and give more and more blogging tips, I will try to follow all the tips you have mentioned, attending bloggers meet is not possible to me every time since I am away from New Delhi, but I will try my best to attend Wordcamp or any big event in future.

  2. You have elaborated a few fine points very nicely. However I would like to add few points to it like:

    1. Write for other bloggers in the same niche as yours.
    2. Let other bloggers write for you as guest blogger.

    This will give more visibility to you and your blog.

  3. Hey thanx for posted this post this is amazing and helpful for the mnay peoples those have a blog and those want to famous in world .. Thanx for sharing!!!!!!!!!!1

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