How to Block Annoying Hulu Ads

Hulu is a great site to watch movies and TV shows online. You can also watch Hulu in countries like India, Canada and China. The main source of money for Hulu is subscription based model as well as ads that comes along with videos when you watch Hulu online. Some ads are tolerable because they display at the bottom of video but few ads are very annoying because they stop your video and also occupy most of the space on your screen.

Currently there is no way to remove those ads completely but there is a workaround for them. There is a Chrome extension known as No Hulu Ads which automatically mutes all the advertisement and block ads (you’ll see black screen). After  ad is gone and movie starts you’ll get the screen back and also volume will come up to normal.


To use this extension all you need to do is install this extension in your Google Chrome browser. After that when you play any video on Hulu, you will see black screen instead of ads. No extra settings change or configuration change is required. Overall it’s a very user friendly and easy to use browser extension.

Check out No Hulu Ads.

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