How to Bring Back Bluetooth Devices Icon on System Tray

by Himanshu Yadav on January 11, 2011

When you right click on the Bluetooth icon it gives several options. These options helps you to do many things with your Bluetooth connected devices such as adding a new device or transfer of files etc. As you see in the screenshot given below that the below most option is Remove icon so chances are high that anyone accidentally click on it. After a click, the icon disappears and now you have no idea how you can bring it back.


Next time if you want to use Bluetooth you click on the Start button and you find all the option related to Bluetooth. But it would be great if you get your Bluetooth icon back to its place, i.e on a system tray. Here’s how you get it.

Click on the Start button and type Bluetooth in the search box. In the several results you get, click on the Change Bluetooth settings.


In the Options tab, check the box next to “Show me the Bluetooth icon in the notification area”. Click OK.


That’s it. You’ll get your Bluetooth icon on a system tray. If you want it on the taskbar then click on the small triangle next to the tray icons and click on the Customize link.


Now go to Bluetooth Devices option and select the option “Show icon and notification” from the drop-down. Click OK.


That’s it. Now your icon will appear again on the taskbar.

[Thanks Askvg].

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