How to Change Keyboard on Your Android Phone

One of the many reasons I love Android is the ability to change and configure your keyboard as per your requirement.

For people like me who have big and slightly thicker fingers it can be cumbersome at times typing on the default Android keyboard. The solution is actually pretty easy, download the third party keyboard from the market place. Some of the famous ones are Swype, Smart Keyboard Pro, Thumb Keyboard. In fact Swype is probably my favorite where you can swipe across the screen as you don’t have to pick and type every word.

But the problem is not downloading and installing the keyboard, the problem usually is how to use them or activate your new keyboard. It is a rather easy process but one not many people know about. Here is a small guide on how to go about and change your keyboard.


1) Download the third party keyboard from the market place.

2) Go to settings.

3) Select Language and keyboard.

4) There, you shall see the new keyboard you have just downloaded.

5) Click on the checkbox of the new keyboard.

6) You can also alter the settings from the next tab.

7) Now go to your resident messaging app.

8) Long press in the input field where you type.

9) Select input method and then select the new keyboard.

Which are the third party keyboards do you use? Do let us know in the comments section!

7 Responses

  1. Ashish,
    It is not always possible to upload every picture showing steps.
    Still, in case if you have not found it, when you long press the input bar, there will the option of all the keyboards you have enabled in the settings, from where you can select various options of the keyboards you want you use.

  2. When I long press the input field,it only says `nothing to paste`. Any idea what I am doing wrong.

    I am looking for a quick way to switch between English and Japanese keyboards.


  3. I’ve been open to new innovations that I could use. Keyboard app is what I could say we used for everything on our phone. I have seen that all keyboard runs with the standard key called the qwerty.

    But have even seen a different app that is not a qwerty layout? have you ever consider to use different keystroke like in an alphabet order? You can try this new innovations that would blow your mind off. I’ve used a keyboard app by Dextr.

    I’ve been using this for several months now and it’s fun, easy to use and the most important part is that it’s not on a “qwerty”

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