How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 7 PC

Screen resolution decides the clearness of the display of computer. It decides how clear text and images appear on the screen. You should set your computer to higher resolution so that object appears clearer and sharper to you.

It means 1280 x 800 appears more sharper than 1280 x 600. Also at higher resolution, text and images appears smaller. It is advisable to work on a higher resolution. There are several advantages of high resolution over small resolutions.

  • Screenshot appear clear.
  • Text and images appear clear.
  • Websites fit on a screen properly. No horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • At lower resolutions, items appear larger and they do not fit on the screen completely.

One more fact you should know is larger the monitor, higher the resolution it supports. It means LCD supports larger resolution. You can increase and decrease the resolution of your computer by following these easy steps.

1. Right click on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution”.


2. Screen resolution window will appear. Click on the Resolution drop down to change the current resolution.


3. Move the screen resolution slider to maximum to get the sharper and better display. Click OK.


That’s all. Your computer screen resolution has set to maximum value. Now you’ll experience clearer and sharper display and you’ll get better screenshots.

Note: Screen resolution depends upon three factors: size and capability of monitor and video card installed in your computer.

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  1. Hi, its nice and good to maintain the notebook ourselves.
    But I faced the problem something different, I couldn’t fine the resolution 1280X800as you shown the various screen resolution setting. It only appears when the OS installed but after some time was changed to 1368X768. So the screen is not fixed perfectly.
    Could you please give me some idea to fix this issue, I was updated the driver as HP CC suggest and restore the system restore point with earlier date. No use.

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