How To Change Themes On Your Blackberry

Blackberry phones have pretty much just one kind of interface. The popular saying is that if you can use one Blackberry you can use any. This is in stark contrast to an Android smart phone which can be fairly complicated as people can customize them to suit their own needs. However, you can actually change the theme on your Blackberry device too which can really bring a breath of fresh air into an old and boring looking blackberry. The procedure to do this is extremely simple, just follow these simple steps.

Before going on to doing any of the things written below, we recommend you to know what OS your phone is running, this would help you pick the right theme for the device and not unnecessarily download themes which would only waste your data bandwidth. You can know the OS your device is running by navigating to Options->Device->About Device Versions.

Once you know the version of your device, head over to the Blackberry App World. You can from here either search or browse for the theme you wish to download by going to the theme sections. Once you have found the theme, just download it by entering your Blackberry ID credentials, a transaction would be made in case you have chosen a paid theme. Once the theme is downloaded come out of the App Store and go to Menu->Options->Display->Screen Display->Theme. Here you will find the theme you just downloaded. You can also come back to the default Blackberry theme if you do not like the theme you just used. Similarly, you can also delete the themes in case you feel that they are using too much of space, this can be done by just pressing the delete key on your keyboard after you have highlighted the theme.

We hope this tutorial was helpful in giving your Blackberry a new lease of life. For any assistance or help, feel free to leave comments in the section below.

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