How to Check if your Website is Still Affected by Heartbleed?

Last week unless you did not bother with the internet, Heartbleed was the biggest talk of the tech town. Just about every website covered the story and after the initial burst out, a patch was promptly released which made sure that the SSL encryption loop hole was patched for all the sites. Several sites such as Pinterest in fact sent out E-Mails to their users stating that they need to change their passwords and log in once again after they were logged out to make sure no information was compromised.


All the major sites such as Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo etc used the patch, and pretty much every website host did the same, making sure that all your websites that use SSl were secured once again. However, there is always a chance of something not being perfectly right, so one must check up a website for Heartbleed. Plenty of tools are available online to help you find out if the site you are interested in is still affected by the Heartbleed issue. One of the better ones we found was Filippo. You can access the site here and simply need to enter in the URL of the site you are interested in enquiring about. Once you do that, you will get the result if the site is still affected by Heartbleed or been patched up. It is indeed as easy as it all sounds.

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