How to Clean Dust From Inside iPhone 5 Camera Lens

As we use devices over a period of time, they tend to gather plenty of dust. This may be simply dust from the atmosphere or a result of lying inside our jeans pockets. It is possible to physically wipe out most of this dust using a tainted cloth from the screen or the back of the device, however, one place where dust really becomes a proper headache to remove is from inside the Camera Lens.

iPhone 5 Lens cleaning

It is extremely important to make sure there is no dust in your camera lens as these dust particles can cause diffraction of light which could result in some crazy after effects, most not desired, in images that we shoot. For a device like iPhone, it is pretty much impossible to clean the dust easily as the lens is pretty much in line with the surface of the device and as a result the task is a little complicated.

However, an interesting video on Youtube gives a step by step procedure on how you can easily remove dust from inside the lens of your iPhone 5. however, a word of caution. This method involves opening your device and getting to the internals of it, so if you do not want to void the warranty of your phone or do not have the confidence to do it, stay away from those tempting screws of the iPhone 5. Here is the video, in case you are feeling adventurous or if there is too much dust in your iPhone 5 camera lens and you really need to get rid of those minute particles.


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