How to Close all the Tabs in Safari on iOS 7 at once

We are all in a bad habit of having at least 15 tabs open when we work. At least, if you are internet junkie like we are, then there is no greater sight in the world than seeing all the tabs there serving virtually unlimited information. Although it is easy to close all these tabs on a system, by simply quitting the browser program. However, on smartphones, things are not as simple as that, especially in iOS. If you use Safari, you are well aware that every time a new session is opened in iOS 7, it is done in the form of new tab, and the previous unclosed tabs are there in the memory. So unless you close them one by one, the accumulate.


What if you have 100s of tabs opened, how would you go ahead and close them? Doing them one by one can be very cumbersome. To do so quickly, what you need to do is open Safari and click on Private, a tab that is located at the bottom left of the screen. This is an indicator to open a private session. the moment you do that, Safari will ask you if you want to close all your sessions that are opened up. Simply click on Close all in the dialogue that pops up and bravo, its done.

This is obviously a work around, as there is no official way of closing all the opened tabs, but it works perfectly well at all times.

Image: CNET

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