How To Collaborate With Others To Make Online Reputation and Money

Internet is a vast field in which information and talent work flows all around. There are enormous opportunities present online to showcase your talent. Internet collaboration is a form of opportunity. Collaboration means act of working jointly. So the strategy is to make a team or to collect people to do some innovative work together.


The main problem in work alone is either financial problem or lack of opportunities. Sometimes a person have skills but don’t have required money to compel his skills, sometimes persons have good reach over social media but the people don’t know how to covert this reach into online profit. These problems can be solved by business collaboration; i.e. To do some innovative work together or offer some services through joint venture.

This business collaboration is known as Joint Venture. Let me explain from the scratch. Suppose you have a high traffic blog having some nice number of visitors, those visitors read the post and leave the comment and some might click on your ads. Now what? Where is a profit? How can you covert your visitors into a money making machine?

The solution is easy. If you are a programmer/designer but you don’t have mass reach then you can collaborate yourself with those blogs which have mass reach. If you have a high traffic blog, you can collaborate with writers, designers for providing incentive based services on your blog. You can exchange ads space, run any program on your blog.

There are some basic points to remember before starting any collaboration:

Analyze Yourself: This is the most crucial part. Analyze yourself that you are capable for collaboration or not. Do you have some special qualities which distinguish yourself with the internet crowd. Are you a programmer, developer, designer, writer or you have a high traffic blog. If you fulfill any of the above quality then you are ready for collaboration.

Select a collaborator: Selecting a potential collaborator is a very difficult process. Try to see some earlier work experience of the person from whom you are collaborating. Try to test the service on your own. Always eat those fruit first before you are going to sell the fruit.

Make a deal: Make a deal. Always try to do everything legalize. Try to bring all the deals on a paper so that in future you never face any problem related to work or money.

Marketing: Market your offerings. Try to tell people that you are offering about the particular services on your blog. If you are offering a web design services or any other blog related services then don’t mind to make a page of your services. This will helpful to tell people abut your offerings.

Cross-promotion and co-branding are really effective marketing strategies, Collaboration is one of the key elements of growth, ultimately making money online becomes easier when you start working as a team and share expertise.

Have you worked in a team with anyone to share your expertise. Feel free to share your views in a comment section.

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  1. Working in a team will be always a fruitful for any organization. If you are alone and no one will be there then many of the things you have to do yourself such as
    Submitting your post/article to social networking sites
    Searching more ways to maketize your post effectively
    Commenting on popular blogs so that you may get some attention
    Tweeting your own article and a lot more.
    These things and many other things you have to do by yourself.

    As i am facing these problems and want to share with you 😛
    .-= Vivek´s last blog ..What Type of Blogger You Are: Part Time Blogger or Full Time Blogger =-.

    • i think a blog will get much more exposure if it is managed and promoted by more than one person, and it will also be less tiresome work…
      .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..Free Google Wave Invitations Giveaways – Get yours now =-.

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