How To Configure Shortcut Key On BlackBerry Smart Phones

Blackberry recently announced the Z 10 in India but despite all the hype about the product, the most popular smart phone in the Blackberry range of phones remains the Curve series. It is especially popular among the youth of today given the ability of the device to do BBM, which connects them to other Blackberry devices for Instant Messages. Even though we have a Blackberry Curve device, we use it to only BBM, and to quickly fire up the Messenger we use a handy little shortcut feature by assigning one of the hardware keys to launch BBM. So how to go about this? Here is a step by step guide for you.

Step 1) This guide is for Blackberry Devices which have two hardware buttons at the side of the devices. Mainly the Curve and Bold series of devices running on OS 7.

Step 2) To configure the short cut key, all you need to do is go to settings menu.

Step 3) Click on ‘Device’ option.


Step 4) Click on ‘Convenience Keys’.


Step 5) When you open Convenience Keys, you would be given an option to set any program to the two keys. You can set any of the keys by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting from there. The standard setting we would recommend is setting one of the keys to launch the camera and the other to BBM.


Step 6) Once done, click the back button and click on save to save the changes. Now when you quit out, and click the key from any location it would directly take you to the chats screen of your BBM.

So this was a little tutorial to help you quickly fire up the Blackberry Messenger on your Blackberry device. Do let us know if you have any queries or Tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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