How To Connect Facebook Account To Outlook And Update Status via it

If you are one of the Microsoft outlook user who loves Facebook then you can easily use Facebook from the Outlook interface. This is possible with the help of third party add-on known as FBLook.

By using this add-on, you can update your Facebook status, see your friend status and see the number of new requests (new requests, new messages, friend requests, group invites, event invites and many more) without opening the Facebook in browser any other applications.


Download and install this add-on on your PC. It is free to use and its size is very low (320KB). During installation, close your Outlook application window.

After installation, open Microsoft Outlook, click on the Add-ins tab in the navigation menu. You’ll see a button “login to Facebook”. Click on it to connect Outlook to Facebook.


It will pop up a message. Click OK to open a Facebook Login page.


It will redirect you to the login page. Enter your credentials and click on “Login” button.


After successfully login, go back to Outlook and click on the OK button of the popup appeared.


Now, click on FBLook dropdown to check the options. You can click on “Check for new activity on Facebook now” to check for latest updates. Logout from FBlook option is also there.


Click on the New requests dropdown to see all the pending requests. This add-on doesn’t allow you to approve the requests from the Outlook interface. You can also see your friends updates at the bottom of the dropdown.


Updating Facebook status from Outlook

You can update your Facebook status by using this tool.


Before updating, you need to allow FBlook to update your Facebook status.


Click on the drop down to select weather you want to update status for your own profile or for Facebook fan page. Then cick on the “Allow Status Updates”.


Now click on the blank box next to the Facebook icon and type your status. When you stop typing it automatically post to your Facebook account, no need to press enter or click buttons.

That is how you can use FBlook to integrate Facebook with outlook.

Download FBlook to integrate Facebook into Outlook.

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