How To Convert Partial RSS Feeds Into Full Feeds

To save the feeds from feed scrapers, many webmasters allow only partial feeds to display in the feed reader. This is definitely annoying for the reader because they have to migrate from feed reader to the website to read the entire post. If you are like me who loves reading feeds of more than 100 sites daily then reading feeds of partial RSS feeds site is definitely a time consuming process.

The site known as is here to solve your problem. It converts the partial feed into full feed. You can copy the link into the Google reader or any other feed reader and see the full feeds instead of partial. Great, isn’t it.


Enter the feed URL of the site in the given box and click the “create feed” button. That’s it. It will instantly convert the partial feed into full one.

There is a browser bookmarklet also present on the site. Just drag it to the bookmark bar of the browser. Whenever you open any feeds then click on this boorkmarklet to instantly convert it into full one. Simple and easy.

This site is free to use and there is no registration is required to use this service.

Check out to quickly convert partial feed into full feed.

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  1. This is very useful specially when I use desktop feed readers to subscribe to feeds and I have to open up web page to read the complete post, Thanks for useful post Himanshu 🙂

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