How To Convert PowerPoint Presentation To Video Without Using Any Tool

Let’s say you have to send a presentation to someone urgently, but the second person doesn’t have PowerPoint installed on his PC. Then it’s better idea to convert the presentation into video and then give it to him. There are various tools available which convert PowerPoint presentation into video but most of them are not free.

If you are using latest Microsoft Office 2010, then you don’t need any tool to convert slideshows into video. The tool comes with inbuilt video converter that converts any PowerPoint presentation into video easily. This article will show you how you can do it.

Go to Microsoft PowerPoint and create a new Slide. After you finish up with completing new slide, click on the “File” tab.


Now go to “Share”-> Create a Video. If you are using latest version of Microsoft Office then you’ll see “Save and Send” option in place of “Share”. Click on “Create a Video” link.


On right you can see the video settings. In “seconds to spend on each slide” area, set the time for the each slide. If you choose 5 seconds for each slide then each slide will play for 5 seconds in the video.


It will open the Windows explorer. Choose the location where you want to save the video and click the “Save” button.


PowerPoint will start converting your presentation into video format. You’ll see the progress in the progress bar given at the bottom. The output format will be wmv.


That’s it. Now open the video in your favorite media player and enjoy it. In the screenshot given below you can notice that the time of video is 5 seconds. That’s the time I set for a single slide.


That’s how you can convert PowerPoint presentation to wmv format video. Do you know any tool to convert PowerPoint presentation to video free of cost. Let us know in comments.

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  1. That’s really a free but simple way to save PowerPoint slides to video format, Thanks for sharing! But I wonder that whether this method can offer the some flexible options that can optionally generate dynamic effects and keep the orginal quality!

    As to me, I was always using another cost-effective PowerPoint to video software to convert my presentation to needed video format that can be played on any players and put it on website, the use period of the trial version can only be up to 30 days. But I found that it really works well in terms of conversion quality and speed!

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