How to Convert PUB Files To PDF Files Easily

Microsoft PUB files is not so well known file format because very less people use Microsoft publisher tool to create nice looking posters, professional documents,  and layouts, complete with formatted text and images. Suppose if you create any file in Microsoft publisher tool and you want to share it with your friends, then your friend might face a problem to open that file because chances are low that Microsoft publisher is installed on your friend’s computer.

The solution of this problem is to convert PUB files into PDF because almost everyone has Adobe reader installed on their PC. To convert PUB files into PDF, there is a online tool known as It’s a website where you can load PUB files and convert it to PDF instantly without any hassle.


Using this tool is simple. No sign up is required. Also this tool is absolutely free to use. After conversion, it emails you a link to download the converted PDF files. These links are available for 24 hours.

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