How to Convert Your Android Phone into Wireless Mouse

How cool it will be to use your Android phone as a wireless mouse. This can be possible now with the help of Android application known as WiFi Mouse. This app allows you to operate your Windows or Mac computer using your phone. This application comes with plenty of features such as speech to text technology. WiFi Mouse enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC by using local network connection.


You can download and install this app by going to the download link. Once installed, open this application and you’ll see the connect screen. You can either manually connect your phone to your PC using IP address of your computer or you can connect it directly by clicking on “Auto Connect” button.

Once connected, you’ll get a interface of mouse on your mobile phone screen. Now you can start using your mobile as a mouse. There is an application setting which lets you select the mouse and scroll sensitivity.

This app is compatible with all the major computer OS such as  XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Mac OSX. Here are the popular gestures you can use in this app:

* Tap-to-click
* Two finger tap for right click
* Two finger scroll
* Pinch to zoom
* Three finger drag & drop or highlight
* Four finger swipe down to show desktop
* Four finger swipe up to maximise current window
* Four finger swipe sideways to change current window focus
* Left handed mouse support (swap left and right mouse click)

Check out WiFi Mouse.

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