How To Convert Your Facebook Profile Into Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pin board styled social networking site which is mostly used for sharing photos of interior design, fancy dishes and elegant designs. It is basically a place where you put up stuff that u think would be praised by the others. The well ornate houses or the extraordinarily garnished dishes are frequently put up on this website.It has garnered a lot of popularity and recently has more than 80% women users in it which is staggering looking at the overall ratio on all social networking sites. Pinterest has left behind LinkedIn and StumbleUpon in terms of traffic (Alexa traffic rank). Theme-based image collections can also be created and managed by using Pinterest which is again an amazing thing and would interest the women a lot.

Friendsheet is a Facebook app through which your Facebook will look alike as a Pinterest account. It combines the layout and design of Pinterest with the photos of facebook friends. This application shows all public Facebook photos in a compact panel. This is extremely similar to how your experience would be like watching Pinterest board of your own pictures on Facebook.

Each photo is displayed with Captions and comments and the photos can be uploaded using Friendsheet. Facebook CEO who recently married Priscilla Chan liked the Friendsheet facebook application, which was launched in January 2012. So it does seem like that the application has full support of the Facebook hierarchy and we could look forward to the development of this application over a period of time. Also for all those who use Facebook just to browse through pictures of their contacts will find this application rally intuitive, useful and fun to use.

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