How To Convert Your WordPress Blog Into Book

Your blog is a collection of information which you collect after day to day research. If you update your blog one or two times a day and write for several months without break then it will result in a great collection of data at the single place. It would be fun to convert your blog into book and distribute it to your friends, make it available for sale, embed the downloadable link on your site ( provide it either free of cost or you can charge some money for it).

A WordPress plugin known as Anthologize make it possible. You can generate either printable books or digital book, it’s totally your choice. Using this plugin is simple. Just download it from the official website and upload it to the plugin directory via FTP client.


This plugin works in three step. First of all it pull content from the blog, in the second step you have to decide on the organization and layout of the book and in the third step generate your book & publish in print & digital formats.

You don’t need to write a book as Gina Trapani of “Lifehacker” did. She wrote a book “Upgrade Your Life” which reflects all her previous work on Lifehacker. If you have an awesome blog an want to distribute your work among larger audience then go for it. It might be a killer tool for you.

Check out Anthologize to convert your WordPress blog into printable or digital book.

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