How to Correct the ‘Cannot Connect to Camera’ Error on Android

If you are a judicious Android user, there is no way you have been spared of the dreaded, ‘Cannot Connect to Camera’ error cropping up. Imagine, taking your Android phone out to capture a moment on your device and instead of the viewfinder, you are greeted by the aforementioned error message. Not just would this drive you nuts, but also handicap you in that moment worth capturing.

Cannot connect camera

So, if you have caught this bug on your phone, these are the possible solutions you can look up to:

1) Quit the app and re launch: It is always a good idea, to turn the application down, close it from the multitasking screen and run the Camera app again. 7 times of out of 10, this will work in your favor.

2) Turn off any other app that is using camera: Apps such as Hangouts, Skype are notorious for causing wakelocks with the camera of your device. If any of these apps are running on your smartphone, make sure you turn them off and start the camera app again. To see if the app is not being used by any other app go to Settings and from there Battery and in apps running and check if mm-qcamera-daemon is running. Exit it and launch the app.

3) Force Stop and Clear Cache of the Camera App: Another helpful way is to clear the cache of the camera app by going into the settings of your device and finding installed apps.

4) Restart your phone: A solution as old as human dynasty itself, restart your device and if luck would have it, things would be great again.

5) Install a third party camera app: Chances are a third party application like Google’s dedicated camera app could help you make things better. There are other options available too from Google Play.

6) Clear

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