How To Create a Corrupt File Easily

Why do you want to corrupt a file? Well, there would be many reasons. One reason might be you have to send a file to your boss on time but you haven’t completed it yet. Send a corrupt file to your boss and get some more time to work.

Now you can gain some extra time by being a little cheeky. File Destructor 2.0 is an online tool that helps users to create corrupt file of any format of their choice. Send this corrupt file to your boss so you can get more time to work on the original file. By the time your boss realizes that the file you sent is corrupt, you can finish working on the original and your boss wont even notice what you just did there!!

file destructor

File Destructor 2.0 contains more that 200 file formats to choose from and users can choose to create corrupt files of any format like doc, zip, ppt, xls etc and get away with a little more time. Just enter the file name and file size you need and also the format of file that you want. The online tool will create a corrupt file and save that on to your computer. Send that file to your boss to get more time to work on the original or to just sit back lazily and do nothing if your feeling like taking some time off.

This tool is quite fun and at times, can be quite useful for some people.

Try File Destructor 2.0.

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