How To Create And Hide Labels In Gmail

Labels are like folders in Gmail. You can create labels, assign it to any mails and then search for mails easily using labels. It makes it easy to browse all the mails assigned to it because you can browse them easily in the left sidebar of the Gmail interface. You can also assign colors to various labels to easily distinguish them. Same mails can be assigned two different labels.

How to create labels in Gmail

On Gmail interface, click on labels drop down menu. Now, click on “Create new label” You can also create labels by clicking on Gmail settings –> Labels. . Check the screenshot below.


A pop up appears asks you to enter the name of a new label. Give it a new name (a keyword related to your work or mails) and click on OK button.


You can also assign colors to the new label. Colors help you to distinguish labels from each other. Click on the small square box present next to label name and then click on the color you want to assign. You can also add custom color by clicking on the “Add custom color” link. You can also remove color by clicking on “Remove color” link.


How to Hide labels in Gmail

Click on the box next to the label name and click on “Hide label” option. Your label will hide and not visible on the sidebar.


If you want to see the hidden label, click on the label dropdown and then you can see the label you hide in the previous step. In this case hidden label is “Himanshu”.


That’s how you can create and hide label in Gmail. In future I’ll try to elaborate more features of  Gmail. Stay tuned for the upcoming articles on Blogtechnika.

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