How To Create Contact Groups in Windows 7

In Windows you can create contact group by which you can send e-mail to groups of people. We’ve already discussed a method to create contacts in Windows 7 PC. By creating groups you can save your precious time by sending e-mail to multiple persons at a time. You don’t need to type every individual e-mail inside the send-to field. Here’s a method to create contact groups in Windows 7 PC.

Click on Start button and type contacts in the search box. Click on the result.

The contacts folder will open. On the toolbar, click on New Contact Group.


Give a name to the group and add existing contacts in the group by clicking the Add to Contact Group button. You can also create new contact by clicking on the Create new Contact button.


If you want to create a new contact only for the Group only (the contact will not included to your individual contact folder ) then enter the Contact name and E-Mail inside the given field and then click on the Create for Group Only button.

In Contact Group Details tab you can add more details such as address, country, website address and phone number. It is not necessary to fill all the field.

That’s how you can create contacts group in Windows. By using group you can send email to multiple person at once using email clients such as Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird.

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  1. Finally, a resolution to my problem. Thank you! Microsoft website was of no help at all. Thank you.


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