How To Create QR Code of any URL Using URL Shortener

Google recently launched its own YRL shortener which comes with real time analytics feature. It is immutable and irrevocable. One other hidden feature is QR code. You can generate the code for any URL after shoortening it. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Go to

2. Enter the long URL and make it short. For example short URL of Blogtechnika is

3. Now add .qr after the short URL to generate a QR code of that URL ( Given below is the QR code of Blogtechnika.


Similarly you can generate QR code of any website.

What is the use of this QR code

After generating this QR code, install Barcode Scanner on your mobile phone (available for Android device). Scan the code using your camera and you’ll be redirected to the website without entering the URL. Cool, isn’t it.

To know more about QR code, head on to this Mattcutts blog.

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