How to deal with duplicate content issue

What is duplicate content? If a content of your domain filtered same as a content on some other domain then it may get penalize due to duplicate content issue and it may be possible that your result from the search engine get omitted. This situation is known as duplicate content issue.According to GoogleDuplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or is appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin. Examples of non-malicious duplicate content could include:

  • Discussion forums that can generate both regular and stripped-down pages targeted at mobile devices
  • Store items shown or linked via multiple distinct URLs
  • Printer-only versions of web pages”

Duplicate content is a big problem amongst webmaster as any site or blog could get penalised by the famous search engine like Google which has the different algorithm than Bing or Yahoo as according to some experts Google may not find the source of original article and may panelize the website with original content.

duplicate content

What is Duplicate content Filtering? When Google robots crawls a website, it sharply look each and every content and make a database of your website. Then Google compare it with its own database. Then depending upon the unknown algorithm of Google it determines the duplicate content. This overall process is known as duplicate content filtering.

According to Webconfs: “There are basically four types of duplicate contents:

  • Websites with identical page
  • Scraped content
  • E-Commerce product description
  • Distribution of articles

Amongst these four points , 4th points is dangerous for bloggers because their blog may found caught in duplicate filter though they don’t really involved in any content duplicity issue. This may be due to several reasons. They may be due to Content management system of blog, due to author indexing, due to category indexing. What are they?

Suppose you publish any post on your blog having certain permalink, and suppose you may not using post excerpts, and then your home page and your post permalink show the same content, it may be possible that Google may penalize you for that. Also if you make your category indexed then Google will index your post in two places, one from your post permalink, and other from category.

How to avoid these problems?

To avoid first problem you need to use post excerpt. Try to use break page or more option in your WordPress HTML editor. If you don’t want to use more option for every page, use Homepage Excerpts WordPress plugin or you may use some hack.

To avoid second problem use amazing Robots Meta WordPress plugin which disallow indexing of subpages to your homepage, category pages, author pages and tag pages, to prevent duplicate content.

Other precautions

Use Google webmaster tools and make a correct necessary setting to improve your site SEO. Try to follow these important steps to cope with any duplicate content situation. Try using Copygator or Copyscape to know who is stealing your content.

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  1. As you have said that by using copyscape will tell you who is stealing your content but copyscape only show 10 results if you want to see then you to become a premium member. These sites are trustworthy??

  2. Good information about duplicate content. I never really thought about how much duplicate content could come from product descriptions. That’s kind of funny.
    I’ve always been a big fan of “All in One SEO” where you are make it so categories and tags don’t get indexed by Google. I’ve heard of other great programs like Headspace 2, but I don’t have experience with them.

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