How To Decrease The Boot Up Time of Windows PC Using Msconfig

While starting Windows PC, many programs are set to start along with boot up process. This happens because while installing the program you generally check the option, start with system startup. Sometimes it is useful but sometimes it turns out to be reason to worry.

Programs like Adobe reader, Google updater, messengers (MSN, Yahoo) and many more opens in the background and of no use. It’s better to move them out of the list. We use Msconfig for that purpose. Msconfig is a system configuration utility which can disable unnecessary programs to startup while Windows starts.

1. If you are a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user then click on the start button on the bottom left and type msconfig in the search box. Click on the result.


If you are Windows XP, 2000 user then go to Run panel (use “Ctrl+R” to open Run panel) and then type msconfig inside the box. Then click OK.


2. In the system configuration window, go to “Startup” tab. It will show you all the startup programs along with the name of manufacturer and location.


3. Uncheck all the boxes next to program name which you don’t want to include in the startup process.

Note: There are some programs which are necessary to run during starting up Windows therefore don’t disable such programs for which you are not sure about.

4. After uncheck the boxes, click on the OK button. A small window will appear ask you to Restart the system. Click on Restart if you want to apply the settings immediately. If you don’t want to restart your system immediately then click on “Exit without restart” button. The settings will be applied when next time you’ll restart your system.


That’s how you can decrease in the boot up time and improve the speed of your PC using Msconfig. Do you know any other method to improve the boot time of the PC? Mention in the comments.

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