How to Defragment Hard Drive Using Piriform Defraggler

When you made any change in a file in Windows then the change doesn’t get stored at the location where original file exists. It gets stored at some other location on the same volume. Over time this change become big and the volume becomes fragmented. It makes your hard disk to work extra and hence makes your entire PC slow.

To overcome this problem there is a tool known as Defraggler that rearranges fragmented data. After using this tool you can easily notice the change in your computer speed because it makes your computer runs faster and smoother.

Note: Windows 7 comes with inbuilt defragment tool but it is slow and sluggish therefore we recommend you to use Defraggler because it is faster in comparison to others and provides many features which others fail to provide.

First you have to download and install a tool from the Piriform website. It is available free to download.

On first run you have to select the volume you want to analyze. Click on the volume name displayed on the interface and then click the “Analyze” button.


It will start analyzing your disk volume and gives you the results within seconds. On your interface many colors appears. To know the meaning of each color you have to click on Help –> Drive Map Legend.


If you hover your mouse over small blocks it displays you the number of files in that block. In next step you have to click the “Defrag” button to start the defragmentation process. Also there is a small down faced arrow. Click on it if you want a “Quick defrag” option.


It displays percentage of defragmentation on the interface.


After the process completes, all the small blocks will turn into blue color which means your drive is completely defragmented.

Note: If you hard disk should be NTFS, FAT or FAT 32 formatted otherwise it won’t be fragmented. Also try to avoid running other programs during the process.

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