How To Delete All The Filth From Your Facebook Page

Social networks have become such an important part of our lives, we like it or not. People spend more time on the likes of Twitter or Facebook posting updates or pictures or links to videos than in real life trying to do something more productive. But seems like Facebook and co have become the best way one can pass time these days and that is pretty sad. And as more and more people use it for passing time and not what what it is made that is to connect to people, a lot of filth is being written and posted on these sites. People usually do not think that some of these posts or pictures can come back and really harm them in future. Most of the corporates today do a thorough filtration of ones social network profiles to know the candidate better and imagine how much harm would your chances it would do if they found some socially unacceptable stuff on your profile. Somewhere down the line you can never be sure if such stuff exists on your profile or not, especially since most of us have been on Facebook for time immemorial, so its impossible to go through every post or every status update.

To help you in this tricky situation and help you clear the mess away, FaceWash is a very useful application. It helps you to delete out posts you were tagged in or pictures of yours with filthy comments. So how to go about this? here is a simple tutorial for it:

Step 1: Head Over to FaceWash here.


Step 2: Once you have landed on the page, you have to enter your Facebook id and password so that FaceWash can access your accounts. You can go ahead and grant it permission to let it access your posts and other stuff from account.


Step 3: After allowing the access, you should click on the start button located at the top left corner of your screen for the process to begin. It may take a few minutes depending upon how old your Facebook account is and how much content is stored on there.


Step 4) Once done scanning, the Application will display the report card of all the things that you need to get rid of from your profile to make sure it is clean. However, we did find the fat that the application searches through urban dictionary stuff to really scan through your profile and does not really see in what context the words have been used. For example you may be using the term sexy for a beautiful goal scored by Robin Van Persie in the Manchester derby, but to FaceWash that may be offensive. Now you can head over to your profile and delete the stuff that you realize should not be there.


The application is very much in Beta currently so we can expect loads of improvements and newer features coming in the near future. It is a pretty handy and quick tool to get rid of unethical things and pictures from your account. What are your view on it? Do let us know in the section below. You can also tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Via: Digitallife

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