How To Delete Browsing History in Chrome

Sometime ago I told you how to disable browsing history feature in Firefox. In chrome there is no direct way to disable browsing history. However, you can always go to incognito mode which doesn’t saves any cookies, browsing history and traces of your browsing.

Suppose if you are in main browsing mode and you accessed some sites which you don’t want to share with other user of your computer then you can always delete the browsing history.

Previously Google Chrome only provides option to delete history of the whole day. You can’t choose the specific links to delete. But now you it provides you an option to delete any link you want.

Here’s a method to delete the browsing history in Chrome:

Click on wrench icon given at the top right side of your browser. Click on the History option. You can directly go to history by clicking the “Ctrl+H” keyboard shortcut.


The history will open inside your browser. You can check all the visited websites. Click on any of the website to immediately visit it. To delete any website from the history, click on the “Edit items” link given at the top right.


Boxes will appear next to each website’s name. Check the boxes next to the name of website you want to delete. After checking all the necessary boxes, click on “Remove selected items” button given on the top left.


If you want to clear all the browsing data including cookies, download history, saved passwords in one go then click on the button “Clear all browsing data”. A “clear browsing data” windows will pop up. Check the boxes next to the options you want to delete. For example if you only want to delete the browsing history then check the box next to “clear browsing history” and keep the other boxes unchecked.

Similarly you can delete cookies, cache, download history, saved passwords, save form data by this option. Also you can select the time for which you have to clear the data. For example if you want to clear the browsing data of last one hour then you can select the time from the drop down.


That’s it. All the checked item would be deleted. By using this method your privacy will be maintained in the Chrome main interface too. You don’t need to switch to famous incognito mode for secret browsing.

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