How to Disable Browsing History Feature in Firefox

Firefox comes with a nice feature by which the URL of the websites you visit is stored in the Firefox history and you can browse it anytime you want. Well, this feature has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A person having access to your computer can easily know that which website you visit with the help of “Ctrl+H” keyboard shortcut.

There is a method to disable this feature. Open the browser and go to Tools –> Options.


On the privacy tab, under history are click on the drop down next to “Firefox will” and select the option “Never remember history”. Click OK.

Now, Firefox will never store any of the websites you visit.


If you still want to customize some more settings then go to Privacy tab again and select the option “Use custom settings for history”. Now you will get many options. You can automatically start Firefox in the private browsing mode, tell Firefox to remember the history for any number of days, accept cookies from sites and many other function you can activate.

firefox privacy

You can check cookies by clicking on “Show cookies” button. There is an option to clear history when Firefox closes.

That’s how you can disable browsing history and lot more in Firefox.

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