How To Disable JavaScript and Plugins in Google Chrome

JavaScript is a an object-oriented programming language. Programmers use it to add extra features (audio, video, visual affects) on their websites. But sometimes JavaScript creates security related issues. Bad guys can use it to steal your sensitive data stored on your computer or from the sites running on the same browser. If you want to disable JavaScripts in your Chrome browser then you can do it easily in Chrome stable built.  Here’s how you can do that as well as disable plugins in Chrome.

On the Chrome browser click on wrench icon at the top right and then click “Options”.

chrome options

Go to “Under the Hood” tab. In the Privacy area click on “Content Settings” button.


In the content settings, click on the “JavaScript” given on the left. Now select the option “Don not allow any site to run JavaScript”.


Similarly click the “Plug-ins” on the left and check the option next to “Do not allow site to run plug-ins”. Click the “Close” button.


Now visit any site which runs Javascript on your browser. You will not able to access it. For example you won’t login into your Facebook account because it runs JavaScript on your browser while you login. Also you can’t run any bookmarklet on your browser.

Since the plugins include Flash plugins therefore you can’t run Flash content on your browser after disabling it. For example you can’t play YouTube videos after disabling plug-ins.

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