How to Disable Your Location History on Google

None of us want somebody spying upon us. And Google with some of its services has been accused of doing exactly this. With services such as Google maps, Google definitely has the records of everywhere you go and everything you such. And for most of us, this is not a very comfortable feeling. There might have been several places from where Google or it’s services was accessed from and as a result, there is this huge database of your location history piled up. To remove, disable and clean it, is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go ahead and visit the Google Locations page here

Google Locations

Step 2: Once at the location place, click on the Gear icon which will open a small tab of History Settings.

Google Locations 2

Step 3: Once you do that, you can directly click on the checkbox that says to Disable Location History. Click it and you are done.

The word of caution obviously is that disabling Location History could mean that apps such as Google Now may suffer and you will not get the right data from it. And if you are a heavy user of Google Now, then you must avoid doing this process, though obviously you can easily reverse it too.

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