How to Display And Hide Icons and Notifications On Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows taskbar is the area where all the opened programs, pinned program thumbnails appears. Also, on right there is a system tray present where programs icons appears. Sometimes these icons are present on the taskbar and some are hidden. To go through the hidden icons, you have to click on a small upper faced triangle.

Sometimes hidden icons turned out to be frustration because if you want to drag any file inside the hidden icon of the system tray then it won’t work until you move the icon to the taskbar. Windows provides the facility to display or hide any icons and notifications on taskbar. Here’s how to do that:

Click on the small triangle present on the taskbar next to the all the icons. A small box will appear having all the hidden icons.


Click on the “Customized” link at the bottom of the box.


Here you’ll get the list of all the icons and notifications. On next to their names, their behavior appears. If you want to change the behavior, click on the drop downs next to the icon’s name.


For example I clicked on drop down next to FluffyApp and three options appeared: Show icon and notifications, hide icon and notifications and only show notifications. Here I selected Show icon and notification for the Fluffy app because I want it to be present on the taskbar because I have to drag and drop file inside the icon.


If you don’t want to hide any icon then simply check the box next to “Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar”.


No icons will be hidden and you’ll see the list of icons on the taskbar.


But for the clutter free taskbar it is advisable to hide all the unused icons and display only those which you use frequently. For example, for Action center, you can hide the icon and keep the notification ON  so that you can get time to time notifications without seeing the icon.

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  1. Help somebody. I cannot pin items on my desktop, the option is not available from the right click menu. I can pin them from explorer, but they are not visible on the taskbar. Why.

  2. Yo window does not show how long temperature has been updated. Also
    the icon for yo window does not move to taskbar

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