How to Download Default Android 4.4 Kitkat Wallpapers and Launcher

With Android KitKat already out, chances are it will take a while before you get to enjoy the sweetness on your Android smartphones. While most of the OEMs have simply said that they will provide the updates, and HTC saying it will take about 90 days for them to roll out the official updates, the wait is set to go on for a while. However, if just like us you simply cannot wait to get a taste of the latest updates, then thanks to the ability to customize Android devices you can enjoy some parts of Android Kitkat.


To Download Wallpapers: We are extremely finicky about the wallpapers we use on our devices, and surely you are too. Whenever a new OS is released, one of the main attractions are sets of new abstract wallpapers. With Kitkat too, Android has released a few new cool wallpapers. You can download all the official wallpapers in a .zip file from here. You can simply extract these and put them on the SD card of your Android phone and find the pictures in gallery to set them as a wallpaper.

Installation- Launcher-KitKat

To Install the New Google Experience Launcher: If you are on Android 4.1 or above, then you can also enjoy the new Google Launcher or the Google Experience Launcher. The major add on here is that you can explore Google Now completely right from within the launcher. There are a few new icons whose sizes have been increased a little too. Overall the whole launcher is smooth and gives a feeling of Android 4.4 running on your device. To install the launcher simply download the zip file from here. You can unzip the files and install the three apks to your Android device. Now press home button and select the Google Experience Launcher as your default launcher.

That is it, you are now set to enjoy the Android 4.4 experience at least on the outside till your device gets the official update.

Via: Addictive Tips/AndroidAuthority

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