How To Download Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook album is a nice way to store memories in the cloud. You can show this album to anyone at anytime and at anywhere where internet connection is available. Uploading photos to Facebook album is an easy task because Facebook provides so many options to it but downloading photos one by one from Facebook album is a tiresome and time consuming job.

If you want to download Facebook memories of your friends on your computer then FacePAD is a nice Firefox extension to perform the task pretty well. It can be used to batch download Facebook photos inside the album within few clicks.

Go to add-on page and download and install the add-on. After restating the browser go to Add-on option (Tools –> Add-on –> face PAD Options ) and select the language to English.

Note: In the latest Firefox version 3.6.6, the option of FacePAD is disabled. Hope the developer would soon update the add-on for the latest version.


Now go to Facebook album of your Friend and right click on the album’s name. In the right-click menu, select the option “Download Album with FacePAD”. A new browser window will open on the top right. Click on the maximize button to maximize it. It will show the downloading status of the photos inside the album.


Downloading time will depends upon number of photographs inside the album and your internet speed. In 512Kbps connection, it downloaded 24 photos in just 30 seconds.

Overall it is a fantastic add-on for batch downloading Facebook albums in an easy way. It saves lot of time and effort.

Download FacePAD add-on for Firefox to batch download Facebook photos inside the album.

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