How To Download Flickr Album Of Any User in PDF Format

Flickr is a nice site for photo hosting. If you want to download and search Flickr photos to your computer then there are many tools available. But if you want to download photo into PDF format then you need to do some extra workout.

There is a tool available known as RSS 2 PDF for Flickr users which directly converts the Flickr albums into PDF format. To convert the photo, you can enter Flickr username, Flickr user email address, or Flickr ID.


After entering the required field, click on the “Search/Make PDF” button. It will take some time depends upon the size of album. By default, it downloads only latest album of the Flickr user. If you want to download other albums then type the name of album in the “Filter by Flickr tags” area.


After conversion, the PDF will open in your browser, having all the photos of the Flickr stream. You can download the PDF file by clicking on File –> Save page as. You can also press “Ctrl+S” button to download the PDF file on your computer.

Check out RSS 2 PDF for Flickr users [via Internet Techies]

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  1. Hmm this would be very useful to send as a brochure of some kind. Even useful for older generation of net users who prefer album like files and are not too happy about having to go online or search folders on the computer for viewing photos.

    Any idea how good the print out of such a PDF be??

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