How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

by Arpit Verma on May 12, 2011

One of the many things better in Android than iOS is that lot many more applications are available for free. However, there are still a lot of applications that are paid. For example, maybe you want to beautify your screen with a new launcher like Launcher Pro Ex but it is a paid app and how to go about it?

Well there are a fair few ways, one is by downloading Applanet and then getting cracked apps for free but having used this myself, I personally did not like this as most of the applications were corrupted and downloads failing was the story of just about every application. It was annoying and time wasting.


One way I found out was a file sharing system. Go to siteĀ It is a file sharing site and in the search bar type in the application name followed by the extension.apk. For example if you want to download the ADW Launcher Ex full version, just go to the above mentioned site and type ADW Launcher.apk and hit search. Many versions would be displayed, so make sure you download the version that is closest to the latest one in the market. After you have downloaded the file to your desktop, simply transfer it to your Android phone, remember the location where you have sent it on your phone.

Now using a file explorer like Astro, go to that location on your phone and simply click on it and install the app. You are ready to go!

So, there is this easy way to get paid apps for free, but we at Blogtechnika always advice you to pay for the apps than these shortcuts. Also we will be not responsible if your device will face any problem after using the downloaded apps.


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